Our selection of beers, both past and present

The Dagonathulu

A mix of Dagon and Cthulhu, Dagonathulu is our H.P Lovecraft inspired Creature - A horrifying tale told by a sailor rescued at sea, about a gigantic sea-dwelling monster and an apocalyptic vision of humanity's destruction.

Cherry and Raspberry Smoothie Style Berliner. 6%


Phantom Resonator

Phantom Resonator is a New England-style IPA hopped with the freshest crops of Citra & Mosaic available and fermented with our juicy house strain. We've added a pinch of lactose for balancing out this heavy hop load, atop a plethora of flaked grains and the lightest pilsner malt.

New England-style IPA. 6.8%


Draugenetic X

Draugenetic X: Our black currant, raspberry, strawberry and vanilla smoothie style berliner weisse clocking in at 5%. SUPER THICK and jammy.

Sour Fruited Berliner Weisse. 5%


Rott Snare

The Jagged RottSnare is a low carbonated mango and passion fruit smoothie style berliner weisse brewed with 1.2 tonnes of mango puree and passion fruit juice..

Sour - Fruited Berliner Weisse. 6%


Ember Golem

Brewed with the freshest crop of Citra, Citra Incognito and Citra Cryo hops together in an experimental hop treatment for the ultimate hop saturation. Fermented with our house yeast strain for a juicy, hazy and fruity experience, quaffable and lead on by notes of overripe mango, melon and citrus fruits with a balanced bitterness.

IPA - Imperial / Double New England. 8%